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Once the threat gta 5 trophy guide backseat eliminated, the pilot should land on the the small road outside the designated boatyard. When the crew has arrived, begin to stealthily take out the guards and scientist within the facility, then drive the Insurgent to its designated location. Here, a player must hack a keypad to gain entry to the designated garage. Once stored, flee the facility and the mission will be complete. Here, the Ground Team will parachute into the Humane Labs facility and retrieve the objective while Air Team holds off security outside the facility before picking up Ground Team at the evac location.

Also, set as a four-player heist, Series A Funding will become available at Rank 12, but is the fourth heist available to play.

Grand Theft Auto V Trophies

Group A will be tasked with driving to the beach and using the designated boat there to reach a larger gta 5 trophy guide backseat out at sea. Group B on the other hand will be tasked with driving to the Vespucci Heliport and using the designated helicopter to reach the same vessel out at sea. Once both teams reach the ship, proceed to collect all nine bags of cocaine, then escape the police patrols via the jet skis before returning to Trevor's warehouse.

Series A - Trash Truck The crew will initially be split into two groups of two, but all four players will need to travel to the designated Trashmaster together. Once the garbage truck has been collected, "The Operators" will need to drive the vehicle to gta 5 trophy guide backseat four drug stashes while "The Collectors" get off and collect the various trash bags. Once all the trash bags have been collected, return to Tevor's warehouse with the Trashmaster.

Series A - Bikers All four players will need to travel to Trevor's trailer and take the nearby Dingy offshore across the Alamo Sea to the Lost's encampment. Once you arrive at the camp, stealthily take out all the bikers, locate the two black vans, and then deliver them to Trevor's warehouse.

GTA 5 achievement/trophy guide - Gaming Wikipedia

All four players will need to travel to the abandoned saw gta 5 trophy guide backseat in Blaine County and get into their designated positions. Once everyone is ready, ambush the gang at the saw mill, steal the two Bensons and the Technical, and deliver all three vehicles to Trevor's warehouse. Once the enemies have been eliminated, take one of the nearby trucks and attach the tanker, then deliver the tanker to Chef's location in Sandy Shores. Here, the crew is tasked with defending Trevor's drugs inside the warehouse from several waves of enemies and then escorting two vans to the designated area just outside San Andreas County.

The achievement related to completing these two heists will unlock upon successfully completing the two heist finales as the either heist leader or gta 5 trophy guide backseat player that is affiliated with a Rockstar Social Club Crew. A Friendship Resurrected. With friends like this who needs enemies?

Solid Gold, Baby! Stick Up Kid.

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  • Causing mayhem in Los Santos comes with bountiful rewards.

You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather You're gonna gta 5 trophy guide backseat a bigger boat Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult. Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market. Hope this helps you guys ;- Any improvements? Description: Enter Director Mode as an unlocked animal actor for the first time. Animals can be unlocked for use in Director mode by finding and eating the Peyote Plant collectibles found around Los Santos and its surrounds.

[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Online Trophies/Achievements List

For the locations of all of these, check out the relevant section of the collectible guide above — Peyote Plant Locations Guide. As you progress through the game, you will unlock the story mode characters by completing all of the campaign missions and Strangers and Freaks missions. This ain't no dream no more.

Complete The Big Score. You're Vinewood's gta 5 trophy guide backseat star! Just don't forget how to get away from the cops. This won't be that difficult to do, but it's very time-consuming. Hear about the latest guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers! Share this article:. Complete The Jewel Store Job. You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather The map fills out as you explore the world - use helicopters, planes, boats, and cars to cover all ground.

I plan on joining this forum soon, just I'm on Data right now, so don't want to waste too much. Keep up the hard-work, is there also a list for the Hobbies and Past times?The Backseat Driver trophy is a bronze trophy and can be received for: GTA Online: will have to use his/her mic to guide gta 5 trophy guide backseat driver through the checkpoints. its harder than Send friend request with pm saying GTA 5 & name of trophy Boost. Grand Theft Auto V Trophy Guide.


Written by the driver can't. This trophy is pretty easy if you play together with other people you know and who will let you win.

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