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You connect up the DocuPen using the supplied USB cable then power it up, at that point you click the button to download the scans and it prompts docupen r 800 to make sure that the device is powered up because by the time you get to this point and click OK, the DocuPen has already powered down.

In fact, as far as I could tell, there is no DocuPen manual for To download open the Docupen from the Applications and click download bank and follow the prompts. Other than that issue, I have found docupen r 800 product easy to use and very handy.

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Also what about download times, is their much of a wait for that? So stepping up to the next easily readable resolution, is it practical to scan lets say a 20 page legal document in maybe 5 docupen r 800 or less to where it can be easily readable? Slightly larger than a real pen, the DocuPen docupen r 800 fits into my briefcase.

If so this would probably work for me. Battery life was never an issue.


I never saw the low battery icon during my review period. Planon DocuPen.

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Our new Universal Mobile Charger is designed to give the DocuPen extra runtime so it can serve you even better. Limited time offer. Most worked and some didn't after a while i.

Don't mind trying your "book" scanner. Thanks for the opportunity.

Scanner docupen

It would make my days out of the office more productive,and it would be something cool to show my friends. I was considering docupen r 800 purchase the previous version of RC RC However, after searching on the web I found that it probably will not satisfy my needs to copy scientific literature in the library: the resolution level seemed to be not sufficient for the articles with many formulas and graphs which use many tiny symbols, and the inbuilt memory of 2MB was not enough for saving a sufficient number of pages without having to connect to docupen r 800 computer or notebook. So, I decided to waite for a next generation of the product with the memory upgrade option and higher resolution.


What a miracle, this kind of dream product already exists since January on planon. I am awaiting impatiently when RC will be available in Europe.


It will be one of those things I will have with me every day: I can use it to scan an article of interest in the university library, I can take it with me to the national library to scan there the articles I need. I will even take it with me when visiting my colleagues at other universities, for the case I docupen r 800 something interesting in their libraries. I expect that DocuPen RC scanner will allow me to built step by step a personal data base of articles, unpublished preprints, chapters from books, handwritten notes, and other sources which can be kept in searchable form on the hard disc of my laptop!

No kilogramms of papers, no lost copies, or copies one cannot find, no painful attempts to remember where I have seen that or that some years ago, docupen r 800 time consuming selection of the papers you need for your next travel All my library will be with me on my laptop and the backup external HDD, of course. I wish I had this docupen r 800 in my disposal in the very beginning of my scientific career!

DocuPen RC800 Handheld Color Scanner

I am sure that I will have many opportunities to impress my colleagues with the usability of this pocket scanner and to readress them to planon. It would be great to start using this scanner as soon as possible! How can a RC help a 'senior'?Planon introduces the DocuPen RC color handheld scanner docupen r 800 the latest technology breakthrough from our R&D efforts.

We have been able to docupen r 800 full. Introduction. Thank you for purchasing our DocuPen RC portable scanner. DocuPen RC functions as a quick and simple tool that can be taken any.

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