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Agilent 8453 UV-visible Spectroscopy System. Installation Guide

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New Titles. This could be achieved by replacing the acridine chromophore with a polyaromatic scaffold complementary to hp 8453 isa dimensions of a G-tetrad rather than a Watson—Crick base pair. Towards this goal we have begun to investigate a new class of platinum agents containing a perylenediimide moiety, one of the first quadruplex-affinic chromophores studied 16 Based on this design rationale, hp 8453 isa have synthesized a model platinum—perylene conjugate and have studied here its reversible interactions with nucleic acid sequences mimicking the telomeric DNA and RNA G-quadruplexes, as well as double-stranded DNA, using optical spectroscopies, electrospray mass spectrometry, and isothermal microcalorimetry. All other reagents were obtained from common vendors and used as supplied.

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UV-visible spectra were recorded on a HP spectrophotometer. A mixture of 1.

The dark hp 8453 isa precipitated 5 was filtered off, washed with diethyl ether, and dried in a vacuum. Yield: 3. To remove the Boc protecting groups, 1. Precipitated 3 was filtered off, washed with cold ethanol and diethyl ether, and dried in a vacuum.

Agilent UV-visible Spectroscopy System. Installation Guide - PDF

Yield: 1. All GPIB cards from all vendors provide the same protocol for controlling instruments.

Looking for a specific close-up? Drive letter can be changed from C drive to another drive if desired. One or the other can be installed, but not both.

The applicable product and license numbers are printed on your Software Certificate and Registration Packet see hp 8453 isa example license registration label. Adjust the configuration if desired - the default is for GPIB communication from the PC to the Save the configuration and exit the configuration editor. Setup will then continue.

Monitor Configuration If you have a monitor with a pixel resolution, use small fonts, whereas for a monitor with a hp 8453 isa higher resolution, you may select a larger font. The font size is available with the control panels s Display settings.

In the Display properties dialog box use the Appearance tab for the adjustment. If you wish to use LAN communication, a different GPIB address, set up an additional spectrophotometer, or set up an temperature control accessory you must configure hp 8453 isa system.

Select one to begin your configuration. Enter the name you want to call the instrument in the Instrument Name box.

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The Hp 8453 isa ChemStation will use this name to identify the instrument. Select Normal under Initial Screen Window Size to have your instrument session window appear as a full screen but with an open area across the bottom for icons. If you select Icon or Full Screen, the instrument session window will start as an icon or as a hp 8453 isa screen.

To modify settings hp 8453 isa an existing instrument configuration, you must select the modul first in the Selected Modules frame and press the Delete button.This Agilent UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Spectroscopy System) with GA Multicell transport is in excellent condition. The Agilent be used to evaluate the HP UV-visiblespectroscopy system for . where x are measured values, X Isa l1-point moving averege, n isthe.

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